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September 2014



This web site is dedicated to all aspects of shotgun shooting, but especially to the field of shooting instruction. As a coaching system Total Shooting is a relatively new approach to an old problem - how to improve shotgun shooting. The site has just been updated, and new stuff will now be added on a regular basis, as was intended from the outset.  Older articles will be archived, but still accessible.

For many people good shotgun shooting performance seems out of reach, being very much the preserve of the naturally gifted. In fact any reasonably co-ordinated person can shoot well. Within these web pages there are suggestions as to how this might be achieved, as well as insights into the Total Shooting coaching system.

Shooting Basics examines the fundamental principles upon which good shooting is based. If these are wrong, and they apply to all clay disciplines as well as game shooting, then everything is wrong.  Sort out the basics of good shooting and many problems will just fade away.

There are a number of sections involving dry training. This is training away from a designated shooting area, where techniques are practiced without the distraction of noise, recoil and targets.  However, these are not periods when safety procedures can be set aside. Remember always to treat the gun as though it were loaded. If you are unsure about these procedures see the section devoted to Gun Safety.

There are Total Shooting sections for both Game and Clays, while many apply to both. Please click the links on the left.

Total Shooting is closely linked with the Association of Professional Shooting Instructors, and runs a variety of coaching courses in its name.  The APSI is the leading instructor association in the UK, numbering many of the top coaches among its membership.

Please note that all articles on this web site are produced with the best of intentions, to improve shooting performance.  However, please remember to exercise all normal safety precautions when training with the gun, and use commonsense with any exercise routine you decide to adopt. The Dry Training gun mounting routines are especially stressful on the upper body, so take it easy to begin with!

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