This web site is dedicated to all aspects of shotgun shooting, but especially to the field of shooting instruction. For many people good shotgun shooting performance seems out of reach, being very much the preserve of the naturally gifted. In fact any reasonably co-ordinated person can shoot well, but to achieve your full potential you must first learn then practice the basics of shooting technique.  Within these pages there are suggestions as to how this might be achieved.

There are sections for both Game and Clay shooters, although most techniques apply to both. Please click the links above to explore.

Total Shooting is closely linked with the Association of Professional Shooting Instructors, and runs a variety of coaching courses in its name. The APSI is the leading instructor association in the UK, numbering many of the top coaches and shooting grounds among its membership.



This website is for shooters and shooting instructors!

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Eye Dominance, Facts and Myths

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Gun Fitting, the Professional Way


Instructor Courses

The articles on this web site are produced with the best of intentions, to improve shooting and coaching performance. Please remember  to exercise all normal safety precautions when training with the gun, and use commonsense with any exercise routine you decide to adopt.

The Dry Training routines can be especially stressful on the upper body, so take it easy to begin with!

Updated August 2019

Total Shooting

I would like to thank the following shooters and coaches who have contributed their ideas and photos to this web site:

Chris Hanks, APSI Director and Fellow of APSI, Chief Instructor at Lady’s Wood Shooting School
Trevor Forster, APSI Director and Fellow of APSI
Chris Miles, APSI Secretary, Fellow of APSI, and APSI Course presenter
Peter Croft, APSI Director, Fellow of APSI, Olympian and Champion Trap Shooter
Clive Bramley, APSI Member, Director of Doveridge Shooting Ground, GB Olympic Skeet Team