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APSI Instructor Courses

Disability Coaching Course
Aware of the considerable success of the Paralympic and the Invictus Games, APSI focus has turned to the challenges of coaching those who  are disabled. Following a year of work and consultation with disabled  shooters, the APSI has launched a course specifically aimed at equipping coaches to work safely and effectively with disabled shooters.

Single day taster courses
This course has proved popular with shooting grounds, who use it to educate those sampling the world of coaching on corporate and party events. All the basic required plus the vital APSI Safety Test


Instructor Courses are now available in conjunction with the Association of Professional Shooting Instructors (APSI). Since their inception these courses have become the preferred choice for many of the major shooting grounds, who require APSI membership before considering a coach for employment.

Basic (Part One) Course
The APSI Part One courses were introduced in 2002, since when they have proved extremely popular. The course is perhaps unique in that it covers both clay and game shooting coaching. It is very important that the professional coach can speak with authority on both branches of the shotgun sports.

We are proud that many former students are now coaching at the highest level with some managing major shooting schools and grounds.

Advanced (Part Two) Course
The APSI Part Two course was launched in 2005 in response to requests for a course that took coaching to the next level. As well as enlarging on the basics examined in the Part One course, additional important topics that are required by the professional coach are presented. The requirement for participation is completion of the Part One course.

Gun Fitting Course
Gun Fitting principles are examined in the Part One course and investigated more closely in the Part Two course. However, the one-day Gun Fit course offers the knowledge and the opportunity to perform an actual gun fit. Of course, becoming a proficient gun fitter doesn’t happen in a day, but knowing the processes involved will set the budding fitter on the road to expertise.

FITASC Coaching Courses
In 2017 APSI was proud to have been appointed by FITASC to provide coaching courses on that organisations  behalf.  Successful completion of the course earns worldwide recognition as a FITASC coach, inclusion on the FITASC website as an official coach, and certification and badges to prove it.

To date there are Level One and Level Two courses, with discipline specific courses coming soon.



Measuring an O/U Try Gun using a specialist device known as a Bend Jig or Drop Stick.

While it is possible to measure a gun reasonably accurately using a tape measure and various straight edges, the correct equipment is essential for the full time professional coach



Loader’s Course
This course is for those who work in the field with clients, using both single and double guns. With the emphasis these days on trained competence the course provides everything required to be a successful and safe loader. If you are already a coach then this course is an essential add-on to your skill set.



Training with double guns

FITASC badge

The impressive FITASC Coach badge,a distinctive and valuable award for the professional coach, and recognised worldwide


ISSF Olympic Skeet and Trap Instructor Course

This important course is now on track for its first appearance in early 2020. It is aimed at the experienced coach looking to extend his or her knowledge into the world of Olympic clay shooting. It has been assembled by former Olympic shooters and coaches and will offer insights into both disciplines that previously have been kept by a select few!


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