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September 2014


The Art of Shooting

Shooting well - how's it done?
Why is shooting badly such hard work? It feels awkward, clumsy and usually looks wrong, too. Worse still, the harder you try the more uncoordinated the whole thing becomes. Without doubt, bad shooting is sheer drudgery! At the opposite end of the scale the best performers make shooting look simple, with no rush and no panic. Targets are hit quickly and convincingly, with an easy style and elegance few shooters ever achieve.

Total Shooting is a coaching method that will help anyone shoot more smoothly and efficiently. This web site sets out to explain the rationale behind Total Shooting. It's not so much a shooting system as a teaching system, one that has gradually evolved over many years of competitive shooting and shooting instruction.

The traditional way
The long accepted method for teaching shotgun shooting is based on the one hour lesson of the traditional shooting school. This has proved perfectly adequate over the years for correcting minor faults and producing acceptable and safe performers in the game field. It still has an important place in shooting instruction. However, the one hour lesson imposes limitations on what can be taught, and often too much has to be squeezed into too little time. Certainly the serious competitive Shot needs an entirely different approach.

Why it's a struggle to learn
Even the most simple shot involves many movements that must be properly coordinated if the shot is to be successful. An attempt to teach a beginner all these movements at once often causes confusion and frustration. It's little wonder that many people struggle for years to shoot even reasonably well, and most seldom realise their true potential. Fortunately good shooting is well within the reach of all those prepared to take the time and put in some effort.

The Total Shooting way
The Total Shooting way takes a non traditional approach to shooting instruction. Shooting technique has been broken down and analysed. A number of critical elements, vital to good shooting, have been discovered or perhaps rediscovered. Certainly we have never heard of them being taught before.

Rather than trying to teach everything at once those seemingly complex techniques are broken down into a series of easy to learn but highly effective drills. Once absorbed these will ensure rapid progress in the art of shotgun shooting. The best part is that many of the drills can be practiced away from the shooting ground and therefore cost nothing but your time! You soon learn to shoot efficiently and stylishly, to a standard that previously you might have thought impossible.

While the written word can never replace the effectiveness of personal coaching I hope you will find the many articles available on this web site to be a useful aid to helping you become a better Shot.

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