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September 2014


Personal Coaching

While there is no question that the written word is an invaluable learning aid when accumulating knowledge, it has limitations when applied to the learning of complex physical movements.  We can never stand back and watch ourselves in action, and the most advanced video camera is of little help when applied to a sport like clay target shooting.

Without the ability to have an overall view of what you are doing you have to depend entirely on feel for feedback. This is as reliable as driving in the dark without lights. For certain you will end up somewhere, but not necessarily where you intended.

Many people spend a small fortune (some not so small) on shooting every year, struggling to improve by themselves but often making little progress. Usually they are just practicing errors.

This is where the experienced and knowledgeable coach comes in.  Able to observe and comment objectively, a good coach can save the shooter a lot of time, money and heartache by quickly identifying problems and then implementing corrections.

At the high end, say for the aspiring Olympic competitor, the coach is a vital part of that shooter’s support team.  Along with coaching duties he provides personalised training routines, assists in meaningful goal setting, and generally progresses the shooter onwards and upwards.

Olympic Skeet

Paul Bentley has coached Olympic Skeet all over the world, including the USA, India, Kenya, Cyprus, Barbados, Ecuador, Europe, the UAE and of course the UK.  In the UK he has two main training grounds, one in South Wales the other in Oxfordshire.  Travel to any skeet range in the UK is possible by agreement.

For OS training details go here.

For details on individual coaching days, group coaching and courses please use the following contact details.


 Paul Bentley may be contacted by e-mail here ,

or telephone +44 (0)7970 156624


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