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September 2014


Olympic Skeet Gun Fit

The typical Olympic Skeet gun fit is unusual and does not follow expectations. With low targets being shot by a mostly upright shooter a relatively low comb would be an obvious trend. In fact most top O/S shooters prefer their guns to have a stock with a comb height very similar to (or even higher than) that of a Trap gun. This is largely due to the low gun position required by the rules.  

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 . .a lot of right hand movement . .

A lot of right hand movement is unavoidable as the gun is being mounted from this position which can cause the muzzles to dip.

Emphasis still needs to be placed in precise left hand control or, high comb or not, the shot will still go low.

Setting up the fit of an Olympic Skeet gun must be considered a priority if progress is to be made.

GB shooter, John Davison, with a high comb on his Perazzi.

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