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Olympic Skeet Training Programme

The following form the basis of a typical Olympic Skeet training programme organised by a professional coach. It’s a fair bet that many aspiring OS shooters spend the majority of their training time and cash on section 3, Live Fire Training, and largely ignore the rest. Top shooters, on the other hand, know that all aspects of training are vital for success.

 1 Basic OS technique

 2 Dry Training

 3 Live Fire Training

 4 OS Gun Fit

 5 Competitions as Training

 6 Goal Setting

 7 Fitness Training

 8 Psychology

 9 Record Keeping

GB shooter, Elena Allen, in training on station eight

Olympic Skeet Coaching
Paul Bentley’s Olympic Skeet coaching is based on a short arc, maintained lead method. It is designed specifically to permit easy handling of the two doubles on station four, but works equally well on all other stations. In this method the gun moves no more than 23 degrees, and in some cases as little as 20 degrees, from the ready position to the full mount/kill position, finishing with an abbreviated follow-through.  This enables an early first target kill and a swift but controlled return to the second target of each double, ensuring it is contacted/killed very close to the kill zone of the first target.

Recent rule changes, adding an additional 2 metres to the target distance/speed and a reverse pair on stations 3 & 5 in finals, this method of shooting is even more pertinent.

This highly effective technique is used by the majority of the world’s leading Olympic Skeet shooters, and has largely replaced the classic Swing -Through method.  This is now perceived as being too slow for modern Olympic Skeet.

While the Short Arc technique appears relatively simple in execution it does require regular Dry Training in order to acquire the perfect movement and balance. Performed well the method looks efficient, controlled and perhaps even spectacular, certainly to those unaccustomed to seeing this style of shooting.

Anyone can learn this method - it just takes determination and dedication!


For further details please email or call 07970 156624 

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