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September 2014


Single Day Course

The Single Day Course is intended for the experienced Shot who has been invited to work as an instructor on Corporate Clay Shoots, for the corporate instructor looking to improve his/her skills, or as a light introduction to the more comprehensive four-day courses.

Offered the opportunity to work on a corporate event, many competent Shots find themselves struggling to come to terms with their new responsibilities. They and their employers often discover that being a good Shot does not automatically confer the ability safely to control and coach a group of novices on a shooting stand. 

The Single Day Course addresses this problem by offering simple but effective safety and coaching ideas.  This is ideal for the ground hoping for repeat business and also satisfies the requirements of the Health & Safety Executive and insurers.  Both the latter expect a high degree of professionalism, as will clients.

The Course does not teach anyone to be an accomplished shooting instructor - thatís not possible in one day - but it does teach safe and effective methods for the handling of newcomers to shooting, as well as the basics of shooting technique and coaching. It also works well as an excellent introduction to the Basic Course.

Most importantly, the APSI Safety Test is part of the course, this being the test that all aspiring APSI members must pass before being being granted membership. The pass mark for this test is 100%, and the awarded APSI Safety Certificate establishes essential competency in this all important area.

The APSI qualification is now a required minimum standard at many premier grounds, and the number is growing.

Details have yet to be confirmed, and there are likely to be several of these courses held in 2015. 

For further information please e-mail for details, or call 07970 156624.

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