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September 2014


Loaderís Course

The purpose of this course is to provide a formal qualification in an area that has been ignored in the past.  The loader working in the game or simulated game field has a responsible task, especially when asked to work with a pair of guns. Expected to carry guns, cartridges & kit, to mark fallen birds and to offer sound advice when the Gun is failing to connect; these are just some of the responsibilities that fall on the shoulders of the loader in the game field.  And all has to be achieved whilst paying scrupulous attention to safety at all times.

The loader at work 
in the Game fieldItís little wonder that loaders sometimes get it wrong, and to avoid problems in these litigious times training and a qualification is essential.

The APSI now offers one day loaderís courses throughout the year.  The course is suitable for both old hands and newcomers to the work, offering advice and training for both single and double gun work.

The loaderís job becomes especially important when the Guns are themselves newcomers to game shooting. Then the loader is the only one of the pair who really understands what is going on, and must take the lead.

This is an essential course, fulfilling the training requirements of the H.S.E. and showing duty of care on the part of the shoot organisers.

These courses are run throughout the year on behalf of shoot organisers and shooting estates -

For further information please e-mail for details, or call 07970 156624.


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