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September 2014


Gun Mounting

Gun Mounting
Learning to mount the gun correctly is often the first stumbling block for the beginner, and remains a problem area for a large number of shooters throughout their shooting careers. Gun mounting is much more than just placing the gun in the right place in the shoulder and face.  This is important, of course, as correct mounting ensures the gun is pointing where the eyes are looking, hopefully at the target. Equally important, though, is how the gun arrives there from the ready position. A good start is essential, and this means a good set up and address position.

Without doubt, poor gun mounting is responsible for many of the misses experienced by the average shooter. Get this right and there will be an immediate improvement in performance. Fortunately there is no magic involved, just persistent and determined practice. Remember though: practice makes permanent - only perfect practice makes perfect!

As a picture is allegedly worth a thousand words please refer to the accompanying pictures and comments. Using a full length mirror while practice mounting is a good idea if you don't have a training partner. Please click on the small pictures for bigger images and explanations.

Ready Position

Mounted Position

Gun Mounting Sequence

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