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September 2014


Gun Fitting Courses

The APSI one-day gun fitting course explains how the professional gun fitter operates at a top line shooting school.  Being responsible for the fit of often highly expensive guns can at first be daunting, and at this level most gun fitters will have many years of experience and training behind them.

The course examines the gun fitting process in detail, from the vital understanding of stocks and their dimensions, to how an accurate fit is obtained.  This is an area where many otherwise competent shooting instructors feel in need of guidance. Only a few have the great good fortune to study under one of the masters at a top shooting ground - the rest have to do the best they can.

The course is in two main parts: theoretical and practical: the following are some of the topics covered

    Why Gun Fit?
    Gun fit: evolution
    Traditional measurements and where they are taken:
    Recording measurements, right way, wrong way
    Additional dimensions that might be considered on modern guns, particularly O/Us:
    Questions to ask before attempting a gun fit
    Assessing Gun Fit
    Adjusting existing stocks
    The high comb error
    Using the Try Gun
    Pitfalls for the unwary gun fitter
    Eyes & problems related
    Age related problems
    Ladies & Children
    Stock Dimensions & Measurements
    Measurements discipline specific
    Hands on experience, a practical gun fitting session

    We run several gun fit courses each year. News of upcoming courses can be found here and at

Run by professionals for professionals, the course reveals in simple terms exactly what the budding gun fitter needs to know and the equipment required.  The practical part of the course then demonstrates what has often been described as the ‘Art of the Gun Fitter’.


For further information please e-mail for details, or call 07970 156624



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