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September 2014


Competitive Shooting

With clay shooting worldwide divided into so many different Trap, Skeet and Sporting disciplines, especially in the UK and USA, it might be difficult to know where to start. However, the field can be quickly thinned out simply by concentrating on the international disciplines. There have been many books and articles devoted to national skeet and trap, so this web site might just help redress the balance. It will also hopefully offer some help for those struggling to make sense of an international discipline, and help them not throw the towel in before they have given it a fair trail!

As with any sport, there is no real substitute for hands on, one on one coaching, as each of us has personal idiosyncrasies that donít necessarily follow a standard path. Also, the competent coach can quickly identify certain problem areas and concentrate on them.  But there is plenty that is common to everyone, particularly in regards to basic technique and training methods.

And a flawed basic technique is often the reason that some people struggle when they try their hands at the international disciplines.  Because these place greater demands on the shooter any slight errors are quickly exposed. And each small error combines to make the discipline seem impossible. But sort out the basics and you will soon be on track.

If you havenít already then take a look at Shooting Basics first, then look at the more in-depth information in Basics in Detail

Of course, as with all sports, technique is only part of the secret. In the end what really counts is the man or woman behind it.


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