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September 2014


Shooting Instructor Courses

In conjunction with the Association of Professional Shooting Instructors there is now a series of coaching courses offered by Total Shooting throughout the year.  These are aimed at the instructor looking to improve his knowledge and skills, or the shooting enthusiast wishing to train as a part time or full time professional instructor. Membership of the APSI is not required to take part in these courses.

The courses pays attention to the fact that the successful professional instructor will spend a large part of his or her time working with game shooters.  While most shooting techniques are common to both game and clay shooting, there are many game specific techniques (loading and instructing in the field being examples) that are unique to game shooting, as well as additional safety aspects. And for those who think that this training is unnecessary, it should be noted that the major shooting schools derive over 90% of their incomes from the game shooter!

Many shooting grounds and schools require the APSI qualification before they will employ instructors for either corporate events or, for the more advanced, one-on-one coaching.

Please click on the other links to inspect additional APSI courses offered through the year.

The APSI is now able to offer these courses in other countries. 
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