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September 2014


The Basic Course

Despite its nameThe Basic Course is a complete course in its own right, featuring as it does a great deal of ‘insider’ information that will start the new instructor on the right track or progress the established instructor to a higher level. 

There are two APSI Basic Instructor Courses run each year in the UK; one in the Spring, the other in the Autumn. There is a maximum of 16 people per course. The courses include:

  • Teaching safety
  • The basic techniques of shotgun shooting
  • The shooting methods
  • Understanding the Master Eye
  • The basic techniques of shotgun coaching
  • Special drill routines for dry-practice
  • Lesson presentation
  • The fundamentals of gun fitting, with and without a try gun
  • Shotgun technical knowledge from a master gun maker
  • Special section on coaching and loading in the game field
  • The APSI Professional Safety Examination
  • Practical coaching experience

The basic course is run by APSI tutors.   

Cost of the course is £1,045 per person, to include four nights in a hotel, breakfast & lunch.

The next course is in April, 2015, at Lady’s Wood Shooting School, South Gloucestershire

Details for this course will be available soon

For further information please e-mail for details, or call 07970156624.


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