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September 2014


The Advanced Course

While the Basic Course is a complete course in its own right the APSI Advanced Course elaborates on certain issues just touched upon in the Basic Course. It also introduces many additional ideas. Shooting techniques for an extensive range of targets are addressed in depth, with emphasis placed on coaching the experienced shooter rather than just the beginner.

An Advanced Course
at workBesides striving to produce a more rounded instructor the course also aims to take the knowledge of the shooting school instructor to the next stage.  Introduced are additional concepts such as training routines, competition preparation, psychology, dry training techniques, and much more.  The latter are essential skills for the all-round instructor who may also be intending to offer high level coaching services to more advanced clay shooters, including those who specialise in the international disciplines.

The Advanced Course was some three years in the creation, and is the result of input from some of the most highly regarded shotgun coaches in the world. 

Although much use is made of PowerPoint presentations, there is less classroom time. There is considerably more practical work to complete than is featured in the Basic Course. 

Available to anyone wishing to progress as a Professional coach, the Advanced Course is a natural step on from the Basic Course.  Previous participation in the Basic Course course is recommended.

Date for the next APSI Advanced course: May 2015, at Atkin, Grant & Lang, Hertfordshire.

Cost is 1,045 per person to include 4 nights in a hotel, plus Breakfast & Lunch


For further information please e-mail for details, or call 07970 156624.


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